Dear Parent/Guardian

We just wanted to let you know that there will be new

information on the class Parents’ Noticeboards. To keep you informed about the exciting things we do at Goldsmith we have designed several leaflets explaining different aspects of our school life.

On your Noticeboards is a new leaflet explaining Reading in year 1 & 2. We are planning more leaflets in the near future and if there is something you have heard about at school but are not sure what it really is, please speak to any member of staff. You could also contact your Parent Councillor . 
Looking forward to all your great ideas!

Miss A. Cox
Click on the links below to view our school leaflets.


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*Starting School

 Building Learning Power

School Council

Developing Memory Skills

Transfer To Junior School

Reading in Year 1&2

Phonics Information

Kids Club

Breakfast Club

Reading in Year R

Mathematics in Yr R

Key Worker Leaflet - Yr R & Nursery